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Credit Union Membership

A True Benefit

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Enhancing Credit Union Membership

It’s a fast paced, competitive world. To offer members fast, convenient, attractive solutions, today’s credit union needs to be a one-stop source for financial products and services. Vital Benefits can help make your credit union a primary resource for the benefits/services your members need and want to help ensure financial security for themselves and their families and grow credit union membership. Vital Benefits can help to increase your deposit accounts, loans, memberships, offer cross sell opportunities and improve member retention.


Partner with Vital Benefits and offer your members value-added benefits they will truly appreciate.

Focus on Growth

Vital Benefits SEG Marketing gives you the competitive advantage to GROW your field of membership with our QUALITY SEG marketing approach. By partnering with Vital Benefits, a recognized leader in the credit union services, we will give you a VALUE-ADDED edge into growing your business.

Credit union facts to consider.

  • Credit unions are one of the most popular employee benefits in the US today.
  • Credit unions enhance the economic well-being of their members through lower interest rates on loans, higher interest rates on share and share draft accounts, and numerous other financial services not offered by traditional financial institutions.
  • On average, each new member to a credit union could equal $650 or more of annual profit with our value added credit union products and could be much, much more.
  • Many credit unions lack the manpower to effectively increase their membership base.

The key factor to credit union success is membership growth. Providing value-added benefits and services that members expect can be increasingly difficult due to marketing and budget constraints.

Partnering with Vital Benefits for your SEG Marketing alleviates this strain and ensures growth, letting you focus on core business operations while effortlessly increasing your field of membership!

Getting started is easy with Vital Benefit’s SEG Marketing System will bring the desired results you have come to expect from an industry leader. With this marketing initiative, we are bringing Value-Added benefits to:

  • Provide SEGs with a highly competitive benefits package at no additional cost.
  • ProvideMembers with value-added products and services which can be conveniently deducted through their bank account.
  • Increase your credit union’s field of membership.
  • Create a deeper relationship with existing SEGs.

Vital Benefits will evaluate your existing SEGs to strategically align them with the products and services that are needed. Our professionally trained marketing representatives enroll new members for your credit union while servicing existing members. We conduct “Member Appreciation Days” in existing SEGs using a variety of methods to increase exposure and brand awareness. Representatives educate new and existing members on specific advantages of credit unions over traditional banking institutions.