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Today's SEG Marketing Customers Expect More

SEG Marketing You Can Count On!

Let’s face it, most credit unions have limited marketing directors and don’t have the man power to increase memberships in their existing SEG groups. This is where Vital Benefits can help. Our professionally trained credit union marketing team has the know-how, man power and best-in-class benefits to grow your credit union membership.

Vital Benefits SEG marketing approach allows credit unions to focus on providing members with outstanding service while we grow their membership base within their current SEGs.
The Employee Advantage
  • A True Fringe Benefit
    • Credit union products and services are one of the most popular benefits that can be offered to employees.
  • A benefit with balance
    • Credit union membership gives employees the chance to help themselves financially.
  • Increase in Savings
    • Employees will be encouraged to save money. By promoting membership, credit unions help members achieve financial stability.
  • Increase in Pay
    • When a credit union becomes the primary financial institution for an employee, an increase in $200-$600 in disposable income annually can be realized.
  • Membership Appreciation Days
    • Gives employees a true understanding of what their employer and credit union membership are doing to benefit them.
  • Member Owned
    • Every member owns a share of the organization! Once a member, always a member!
  • Not-for-Profit
    • All profits returned to the members in the form of lower loan rates, higher interest savings rates and free or low-cost savings.
  • Federally Insured
    • All accounts insured up to $100,000 by the National Credit Union Administration (NACU), a U.S. government agency.
The Employer Advantage
  • Positive Employee Relations
    • With no financial risk to your company, providing credit union products and services will be convenient for your employees and ease their financial concerns.
  • A Benefit that Complements
    • An excellent addition to your current benefits package!
  • Minimum Cost and Administration
    • Services conducted from your existing payroll system through one payroll slot with electronic transfer.
  • Credit union benefits can assist in giving employees a pay raise without adding more cost to the employer.