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Specific For Credit Union Marketing!

We Represent the Credit Union

How it Works

When a credit union partners with Vital Benefits, we provide a team of professionally trained sales representatives who become an extension of the credit union.  Our team always comes in under the credit union’s banner, building the credit union’s brand and value to its members, not ours.  We also provide a unique line of additional benefits that expands a credit union’s offering to its members as well as its revenue potential.

Through our innovative approach, our sales professionals will visit existing SEG groups to introduce the credit union’s existing products and services in conjunction with our value-added offering of additional credit union benefits. Importantly, whether an employee desires the traditional credit union offering or wants to add our additional benefits, they MUST be a credit union member to access any of the special benefits offered.

Vital Benefits helps credit unions do more with less by providing the marketing support they need to:

  • Help you attract new members without adding administrative costs.
  • Educate new and current members about their benefits.
  • Provide weekly reports on new memberships and interest in new loans, accounts, etc.

These are just a few of the benefits to a credit union by partnering with Vital Benefits, an experienced partner implementing an established process.